4-Year-Old Injured After Crashing Mom’s SUV

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4-Year-Old Injured After Crashing Mom’s SUV

A boy is reported by The Orange County Register to have been injured after he took and crashed her mother’s SUV in Fullerton, California.

According to the Register, authorities said that the boy climbed into the vehicle’s driver’s seat and put it in gear to drive away at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The SUV reportedly “went out of the parking lot, sideswiping at least one vehicle” then crossed intersections with oncoming traffic then hit a tree and flipped at least once.

Fortunately, the SUV is reported to have landed upright.

Thankfully, the boy is said to have suffered only minor injuries but GoodLawd, it could have ended worse.

Children really shouldn’t be allowed to drive, especially when they can’t even see well over the hood.

According to one witness who talked with KTLA-TV, the boy was standing in the seat “trying to control that thing.”


Image: Industriarts / Flickr (CC)


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