Congressman Finds Gator Under His Car

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Congressman Finds Gator Under His Car

Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla) reportedly thought a friend of his was joking when he was informed that there was an alligator under his car but it turns out his friend was not joking.

According to the Central Florida News, the congressman had to play along with what he thought was a joke only to find out that there was really a six-foot gator under his car.

The news outlet quotes Posey saying:

“‘Of course I had to come out and go along with the joke, and there was really a gator under my car,’ said Posey. ‘So we’re waiting for the trapper. I hope he’s a gator trapper and not a squirrel trapper when he finally gets here.’”

Of course, this is not Posey’s first time being linked to “alligators”. Watch the clip below for a clip where Stephen Colbert demands the congressman have a DNA test to determine whether he is part alligator. GoodLawd!

Source: Central Florida News, Colbert Nation

Image from republicanconference on Flickr (Creative Commons)


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