Sepak Takraw Not Your Average Sport

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Sepak Takraw Not Your Average Sport

 To those thrill seeking souls, Sepak Takraw might give you the excitement that you are looking for.

Sepak Takraw is a sport that uses the legs, chest and head that will surely excite the one playing it. This kind of sport is popular in Asia and starting to find its way to the rest of the world including the United States.

To enjoy and be competitive in this unique brand of sport the person need to learn to execute bicycle kicks. Sepak Takraw is a neat combination of a Malay word “Sepak” or “kick” and a Thai word “Takraw” which roughly translates to “ball.”

Sports experts said the ball usually is made of rubber or rattan. At the moment Sepak Takraw is not too big in the U.S., though a group of college students in California organized a team in the mid-1980s.

There was even a U.S. contingent at the World Championships in 1989. While the Americans used to dominate most sport but sadly they cannot seem to rule on this kind of sport for obvious reason! Goodlawd indeed!


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muche says:

u dont need to know how to execute a bicycle kick to play it. although it's a huge advantage if u could do that. another thing thats interesting to watch…is how they taunt each other during the game.

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